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Spray paving is the forefront of modern concrete resurfacing techniques, offering a superior solution to rejuvenate and enhance old or worn-out surfaces.

By choosing to spray pave, homeowners and businesses can revitalize their concrete spaces, ensuring not only an aesthetically pleasing result but also adding an extra layer of protection.

This innovative approach is complemented with concrete sealing, which extends the life of the resurfaced area, defends against stains, and maintains the integrity of the finish, making spray paving an optimal choice for both functionality and design.


Opting for concrete is a decision rooted in durability, aesthetics, and long-term value. Our specialized concrete service is dedicated to crafting structures and surfaces that withstand the test of time.

Whether you're contemplating a robust driveway concrete project to elevate your home's curb appeal or aiming for a sleek, modern concrete floor indoors, our expertise ensures that every project we handle is a fusion of form and function.

With concrete, you're not just investing in a surface; you're enhancing the overall elegance and functionality of your space, ensuring that it remains both appealing and resilient for years to come


Unlock the power of epoxy flooring, a game-changer in modern interior solutions. Beyond its sleek, seamless aesthetic appeal, epoxy flooring boasts unparalleled durability, resisting spills, stains, and daily wear with ease.

Its versatile design capabilities allow homeowners and businesses alike to achieve everything from chic solid hues to textured terrazzo and natural stone finishes.

Ideal for high-traffic areas like kitchens, garages, workshops, and entertainment zones, this flooring not only enhances visual appeal but also ensures a long-lasting surface performance, making it a top choice for those seeking both beauty and function.


Properly maintained concrete surfaces not only enhance your homes street appeal, concrete sealers effectively maintain your concrete by improving durability, protection from moisture and helping to prevent stains.

Colour Seal is a tintable protective coloured coating, that works by blocking the pores of the concrete providing a protective layer to help stop dirt becoming ingrained and reduce colour fading. Colour seal your coloured concrete to protect and enhance the colour or easily update your plain concrete with a coloured sealer.

Exposed aggregate:
Protect your exposed aggregate by re-sealing every 1-3 years. Not only does re-sealing help to maintain durability, prevent dirt from becoming ingrained and protect the aggregate from spills and stains, re-sealing enhances the colour and depth to the aggregate keeping it looking fresh and like new.

Not sure which product is right for you? You can count on the Elite Spray Pave & Concreting team to provide top-notch support & advice on your concrete space.

About the team


With over 25 years of hands-on experience, Jason and his dedicated team have become trusted experts in the field of concreting.
Since launching in 2019, they've transformed countless concrete spaces, blending modern techniques with time-honored methods.


For all your outdoor needs — from spray paving, concreting, and sealing to prepping spaces for summer — Jason and the Elite Spray Pave team are Gippsland's trusted experts. They not only rejuvenate and refresh your areas but also ensure they stay pristine for the long haul!


For all your concreting needs, look no further. Reach out to our dedicated team today for unparalleled expert guidance. We pride ourselves on offering insightful advice, exceptional post-purchase support, an extensive and diverse product range, and a no-obligation free quote.

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